Alloy Steel Pipes

High corrosion resistant alloy tube S-one

The average hardness is above HRC60

High wear resistant alloy tube F-one

The average hardness is above HRC65

Superhard alloy tube is a kind of surface strengthening finished product, using inner layer rotating plating or powder metallurgy combined process, can reach the thickness of 1 ~ 2mm HRC60 strength of corrosion resistance strengthening layer.

Comparison of SAMC and Indicator US Manufacturer

A uniform layer of alloy

The inner wall of the alloy layer is the first line against the injection material and must withstand extreme conditions and glass fiber wear. SAMC has a more uniform distribution of reinforcement on the surface than other manufacturers, providing a considerable degree of wear resistance. The distribution of reinforcement on the surface is a better indication of the wear resistance of the alloy layer than the average hardness value.


The uniform alloy layer gives the surface
good wear resistance.

Indicator US Manufacturer

Lack of reinforcement phase on the surface, the wear resistance is not as good as us.

Comparison of SAMC with other alloy layers

More carefully distributed reinforcement

Carefully distributed reinforcement provides excellent hardness of the alloy layer. The average gap between particles of reinforced material is less than 5 μm. Therefore, it can effectively prevent glass fiber (diameter 10 μm) from wearing soft base phase alloy and improve the overall service life.

Average clearance of grey fine particles < 5 μm

Base phase alloy is not easy to be worn, and the life of alloy layer is improved.

Average clearance of grey fine particles < 10 μm

Glass fiber is easy to wear and hollow out the base phase alloy, which makes the reinforcement spalling and reduces the service life.

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