Our Progress

SAMC has developed various innovative metallic materials:

“Anti-bacterial alloys” have permanent anti-bacterial property, which can effectively suppress the growth of bacteria. Using “anti-bacterial alloys” for eating and kitchen utensils can drastically improve people’s daily food safety.

“Surface strengthening powders” have different properties, such as resistance to acid, high temperature, and wear. Our powders are highly compatible to processing techniques used extensively now, such as laser cladding, plasma spraying, and HVOF.

“Extremely hard alloy cylinders” possess the leading wear resistance in the industry. With the help of our patented equipment, the production time of the cylinders can be reduced by more than 60%. We will extend the field of application to energy industry in the future.

“High-entropy alloys products” are developed by implementing the frontier knowledge of scientific research based on the advanced research capability of SAMC. SAMC keeps making materials breakthroughs by using innovative technologies, and is about to start a new wave of materials revolution in the metal industry.

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