Anti-Bacterial Alloys

Metals are one of the most common types of materials in our daily lives, and among various kinds of metal products, SAMC now focuses on kitchen utensils and cutlery.

“Anti-bacterial alloy knives” are kitchen knives designed by SAMC and produced by the famous steel knives manufacturer in Taiwan. With the high-performance alloy materials developed by SAMC and the 60-year-old knife-making techniques, the alloy knives possess high hardness, sharpness, and permanent anti-bacterial properties. Thus, the risk of bacteria growth during the preparation of food can be largely reduced, and the users’ food safety can be secured.

Most of the conventional anti-bacterial products undergo surface processing only. As a result, after long-time usage and wear, the anti-bacterial properties just disappear. However, SAMC’s “anti-bacterial material” is 100% completely anti-bacterial, so no matter how many times the alloy knives are used or worn, SAMC’s “anti-bacterial alloy knives” can still perform anti-bacterial properties. 

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