Cobalt-Based Alloy Powders

Cobalt-based alloy powders mainly consist of cobalt alloy matrices and the addition of tungsten carbide. The reaction between tungsten and cobalt alloy matrices leads to solution strengthening, while tungsten carbide particles can provide precipitation strengthening effect. The double strengthening effects make the alloy materials remain excellent strength and hardness even at high-temperature environments. Cobalt-based alloy materials great high-temperature wear resistance and oxidation resistance, so they are suitable for applications in high-temperature environments.

 Commercial GradeHardnessmeshCoCCrSiWFeMoNiCMn
SP-Co1Stellite 160150/300Bal.< 3.0< 1.0< 3.02.4< 1.0
SP-Co2Stellite 660150/300Bal.< 3.0< 1.0< 3.01.2< 1.0
SP-Co3Stellite 1258-60150/300Bal.< 3.0< 1.0< 3.01.4< 1.0

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