New Type Copper Alloys

New type copper alloys have great mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and exceptional electric/thermal conductivity.

The “non-sparking alloys” designed by SAMC do not contain the highly toxic element beryllium and have more competitive prices. The hardness of the alloys can reach as high as HRC 38 after optimal heat treatment procedure. The non-sparking property makes the alloys excellent candidates for equipment parts or hand tools used in flammable environments such as factories with fine dust. The high hardness, wear resistance, and excellent electric/thermal conductivity also make the non-sparking alloys suitable for semiconductor probes to replace the traditionally used, expensive, and toxic beryllium copper alloys.

The “self-lubricating alloys” developed by SAMC can reach the hardness value of HRC 30 after optimal heat treatment process, and they can serve as the worm screws and wheels in the fourth axis of machine tools. Compared to conventional copper alloys, the great wear resistance of our self-lubricating alloys can effectively extend the service life of machine parts.

Self-lubricating Alloys

Self-lubricating Alloys developed by SAMC can reach hardness up to HRC 25 after optimal heat treatment process. The self-lubricating alloys are mainly used for worm gears in the 4th axis of machine tools. Compared to conventional alloys, the self-lubricating alloys can effectively increase the service life of parts due to their excellent wear resistance.

Service Life

300% of conventional bronze


HRC 30

Applied Fields

Worm gears in the 4th axis of machine tools, transmission gears in robotic arms

Non-Sparking Copper Alloys

Because copper alloys have brilliant thermal conductivity, heat tends not to accumulate on the metal surface during friction or collision. In addition, copper alloys hardly form small metal particles and do not contain carbon that induces oxidation of metal particles and sparks. This is why copper alloys possess excellent non-sparking properties. The non-sparking copper alloys provided by SAMC contain no beryllium, but they have the hardness of beryllium copper and lower prices.


Non-sparking (anti-explosion), high hardness, wear-resistant


HRC 38

Applied Fields

Non-sparking tools in explosive environments

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